Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Instant 10% Return on Investment

I was attracted to ING Direct because a co-worker talked it up to me. They had a good rate on their savings and were offering a $25 bonus for opening an account. My main concern was security, but after reviewing the security features I was satisfied that my information would be as safe as possible. My wife and I opened a joint account and over the last year have proceeded to open 2 more, we’ve liked it so much. ING allows us to get a competitive rate on money we don’t want to lock up in CDs, facilitates saving regularly for specific things like an emergency fund or down payment on a house, and makes everything very easy to use. Some of the features that make ING Direct so good are:

• Good rates on liquid savings that adjust with the federal funds rate. (Currently 3% APY)
• No minimum balance required, no fees or service charges
• It’s linked to our checking account and can link to 2 additional accounts for ease of use
• Deposits are credited in two days
• Automatic transfers are available to make it easy to save
• It downloads easily to Quicken and Microsoft Money
• You can open it online without paperwork

Plus, if you are referred and open an account with a $250 deposit, you receive a $25 bonus. An instant 10% return! I will happily refer you. Just send me an email at Tpmeador@gmail.com. The ING Direct Orange Savings account is a great tool that makes saving money easier. Anything that can do that deserves a closer look.

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